Student Course Evaluation (EE-272 Digital Systems Section B)

Evaluation *

Strongly AgreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The course objectives were clear
The Course workload was manageable
The Course was well organized (e.g. timely access to materials, notification of changes, etc.)
I participated actively in the Course.
I think I have made progress in this Course
I think the Course was well structured to achieve the learning outcomes (there was a good balance of lectures, tutorials, practical etc.)
The learning and teaching methods encouraged participation
The overall environment in the class was conducive to learning.
Classrooms were satisfactory
Learning materials (Lesson Plans, Course Notes etc.) were relevant and useful.
Recommended reading Books etc. were relevant and appropriate
The provision of learning resources in the library was adequate and appropriate
The provision of learning resources on the Web was adequate and appropriate ( if relevant)

CLO Attainment *

AttainedNot Attained
Digital system fundamentals, Boolean functions and techniques for simplification of functions
Combinational Design using AND-OR-NOT gates, NAND NOR gates, Decoders, Multiplexers, FPLA, PAL, ROM
Sequential Circuit Design, Registers and Counters Digital Systems design.
Digital System Design Using Verilog: Hardware Description Languages such as Verilog, Digital Building Blocks, Architecture, Microarchitecture, Memory Systems, I/O Systems, Digital System Implementation.