Survey of Civil Engineering Alumni

How do you rank the overall quality of curriculum, teaching and learning at Civil Engineering Department UET, in comparison to your colleagues from other engineering institutions? *

Will you recommend the B.Sc. Civil Engineering UET Lahore program to your juniors? *

The benefits of your Civil Engineering education outweighed its financial cost? *

Thinking back to when you started UET, how would you say your family’s standard of living compared to all Pakistani families? Far *

How would you rank your current family’s standard of living compared to all Pakistani families Now? *

Complex problems have at least one of the following attributes: Large scale, not repeated frequently, involving multiple resources, having huge impact, requiring in depth engineering knowledge, requiring comprehensive research, requiring detailed analysis, in depth investigation, etc. Have you been encountered with complex engineering problem solving during last few years? If Yes, Please name it.

Have you found yourself competent to solve complex problems at job? *

Have the modern tools learned at University (numerical or physical modeling, investigation methods, analytical tools, etc) helped you solving the complex problems *

How you rank your communication skills as compared to your colleagues from other engineering institutions. *

I have been regularly selected to communicate with the clients! *

I feel more confident while I have to work alone. *

I prefer to be lead rather to lead. *

I frequently face problem in managing my subordinates *

In providing engineering solution, I take care of sustainability and environmental concerns, in addition to economic viability. *

Stake holders are always taken into confidence when finalizing an alternate solution. *

General societal uplift (health, education, environment, income, gender issues, etc.) plays vital part while proposing a new solution/project *

I prefer to uphold my professional commitments at all costs *

I take part in Continuous Professional Development activities, at least once a year *

I am eager to enhance my skills to abreast with new information *

In the light of your field experience please suggest which part of curriculum requires to be further enforced? *

What changes (in respect of curricula, infrastructure, equipment’s, communication skills, etc.) would you recommend to be enhanced in future?